This world is an outgrowth of the mind we all live in.
Identity is not definable by human standards. The Identity,the spirit , forms  and spins DNA, the DNA coalesces around spirit.

DNA is a record of what the spirit is up to. It’s not the other way around. You are not a puppet of the recording.  The Identify uses the life situation to change itself, to experience life, to grow, and most of all to experience joy.

There is no nurturing that can form an Identity. Nurturing if it is loving can bring understanding and gives the spirit substance to use for its purposes, whatever they may be.

No one knows what the purposes of an entity are. They are ‘in progress’. A being is always under construction.

If you are a writer, you can write to discover what your larger being knows. Your eyes can touch the outside world like braille to  decipher what you are making of your surroundings.

Publishing your work and others opinions of what you write is entirely secondary.  If you are curious of what your larger being knows, you can uncover it by picking any subject that excites you.