Most people think that when the maze of life begins to close its avenues that the aging process has really begun.

What is really happening?

The avenues are closing one by one, the only avenues that seem open are avenues of interest.

I found out that the aging process has nothing to do with me. Life is not cruel.

It never was before, why should it be because of numbers. People could be cruel, but life is never cruel. People who say life is cruel and nature is cruel are wrong. The mounting numbers that people attach to themselves on every birthday have nothing to do with interest. Interest gives me everything I want from life.

I never had a good time with numbers, they confused me. I wish that the highways and freeways would call the paths we take by names instead of numbers. Interstate 94 could be called "Interstate Green Leaf". In school language was natural to me, it was friendly, except for math. The language of math seemed cruel to me. I didn't want to subtract anything from my life, nor add anything to it. As a child life looked perfect to me. I certainly didn't want to fracture (fractions) anything, dividing things didn't sound good. All of the language of math was as uncomfortable as the teachers name (Keezure). Since I didn't want to do the things that math suggested I do, I realized that wanting to do things was very important. When ever I wanted to do something it came easy to me. I think most people are created this way.

To find interest is exciting. Even the idea of being on the trail of interest leads to more. It is the nature of interest to grow. To find excitement is health and life. To be healthy and happy is success. Success does not age, success is all things, abundance and beauty. The world outside can point people to things not desired. I cannot let the world do what it wants to me, like a bratty child.


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