Evoking A Feeling

Can any feeling be described adequately enough to evoke it? Yet logic and language are usually the tools we use to attempt that feat. More to the point, is how I feel really important?

People like to talk about “The scheme of things”.  They say, in the “Big Picture”, ” In the scheme of things”, how we feel matters little.” I would love it if we as a race, were beyond that kind of thinking. I admit that I don’t suffer from that terrible delusion.

Have you ever been swept away and overwhelmed by a great sense of well-being and contentment? When this happens to me there is no circumstance that I can give credit to for the feeling.

Even when wonderful things happen, the feeling of great happiness is sometimes not felt.

There are practices of imagination that are explorations in that endeavor.

On long trips across the country I used to close my eyes and imagine that the car was traveling in the opposite direction until it felt real.  It was amazing to me that my mind could accomplish that.

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