Some people who channel or speak from pure inspiration can get close to the source of life. The ego does not know. The spirit knows. Identity is not definable by human standards. The Identity, the spirit , forms  and spins DNA.  DNA coalesces around the spirit. DNA is a record of what the spirit is up to. It’s not the other way around. You are not a puppet of the recording. A human being is not the product of a monkey. The world did not form from an explosion billions of year ago.


Excitement is the Key

Most people think that when the maze of life begins to close its avenues that the aging process has really begun.

What is really happening?

The Big Picture

People like to talk about “The scheme of things”. They say, in the “Big Picture”, ” In the scheme of things”, how we feel matters little.” I would love it if we as a race, were beyond that kind of thinking. I admit that I don’t suffer from that terrible delusion.

The Genuine Article

Nothing we say or do can satisfy for long, nothing we buy or think can put us in a place where we don’t want more life…

When something is wrong, most people can point to exactly what is bothering them. But what if you don't have the luxury of that simple identification?

Inner Green Bean

An inner being is playful, and child like, that is the nature and scope of its power! It is always finding but never seeking.

With little rhyme and less reason, I call my Higher Self my "Inner Green Bean".  All over the world people call the being who lives and rides  our current, the inner being.

It is logical, even if logic cannot understand higher concepts. The idea of an inner being is a living idea, and a living thing has color. Green is color of life. Beans are beautiful things with substance and great value, just as people are. When ever I refer on this site to "Inner Being", you can be sure I am talking about the Great Bean, in which we live move and have our being.


Inner Green Bean

Go on a Quest

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Signed, Your intuitive inspirational guide,  Fluid Mediums