When the Minneapolis city council decides driving is white privilege.

Biking in winter? Not really

Bike lanes squish cars to the left on a day in winter when it is 20 degrees. The entire city is now monopolized by bike lanes.

We are overwhelmed with Democrats, and I feel, socialists, and possibly communists, in Minneapolis. I’m not sure that having a house will be legal in the future if our president is not re-elected. I feel he will be, but if not, then “Escape From Minneapolis” will be the song I will sing. I would rather go where our constituion is in tact, and life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is allowed.

Yes the climate is changing, climate is something that is cyclical, it cannot stay the same.

When I took the photograph above it was 20 degrees in Minneapolis. For 6 months of the year the weather in not hospitable here for riding bides. The city council wants to wish into reality a city where you can ride year round. It is infuriating

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