Minni-Apple – The City that always sleeps

Frank Sinatra sang, New York, New York, “I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.”

Minneapolis is always asleep.

If you want to de-fund the police you are not thinking about the citizens who need protection. Even the idea that if you commit a crime police will be called is a deterrent. That isn’t difficult to understand, and arguing about it is a fools errand.

Lisa Bender, president of the city council, is a racist. You can bet when they do come up for reelection I will be very involved in getting her and the rest of that communist mob out of office.

As it stands, in the city, cars are frowned upon, and I am sure @LisaBender finds our need to drive smacks of ‘White Privilege’, just like an urge to call the police if someone is breaking into your home. For that matter, I am willing to bet that owning a home, (aside from her, of course) is considered the worst of racist sins.

We all live in a bad neighborhood now! In some places you can’t even tell that @GovTimWalz let the city go to hell.

I went to Hudson Wi. a few days ago, and took some shots. I saw no tent cities and few masks. Happy people there healthy and swimming, boating, skating, enjoying the summer of the Red Dragon.

We have not known of anyone who has this Chinese Virus. I (webmaster) do not wear a mask and have never done so. I rarely if ever have any problem going into stores. Most people have embraced the mask wearing, and actually use it as a fashion statement. Although I see it as foolish, I don’t express that, and respect all people’s freedoms.

No cars allowed, take over of the streets by bikes

Driving, our White Privilege in Minneapolis