Court Jester saves his life with his wits

Nicolas Ferrial – sentence commuted

Think fast or die!

I thought I would make a special section called “Ancient News” for the hell of it.

I read a long time ago I read that if the Court Jester didn’t entertain the king properly, they were sometimes beheaded.

It must have been important to develop awesome skills as a comedian. I ran across this story about Nicolas Ferrial from the 1500’s.

Nicolas Ferrial’s death sentence was commuted by Francis I on June 21st 1540

It was Nic’s quick wit that saved his life, he was able to make the king laugh.

When king Francis sentenced the Jester to death, he gave him the right to choose how he would die. This, he usually did not do.

Nicolas told the King, “Your Majesty I would like to die of old age!”

Old Irish Blessing, “May you be alive at the end of the world.”