Fluid Mediums and Red As All Get Out are uploading and creating  articles from Minneapolis Mn. We are a few blocks from the location of George Floydโ€™s Murder.
We hate the way people are using the death of this man to sell magazines, online content and merchandise, and we are not participating in that.
We want to give you news first hand about what is happening in Minneapolis. We see a lot of fake news.
While I am in Minneapolis I am doing some constructive things. I am building this news site. I am building a business directory of Minnesota businesses that support ou the American way. Businesses that know how important “Made in the USA” is at this time in our history.
Please Contact Us if you want to be listed in the directory of Minnesota Businesses that support products made in America, and traditional values.
We get requests from our members who want to spend their money on Made in the USA products, and Made in Minnesota manufacturing.



Let’s support each other!

Now Back To The Drama

Get out of Blue States! Run For Your Life!

Red states all over the US are worried about how those people will vote when they leave blue states.

In a FREE country that cannot be controlled but these are extreme circumstances.

IT IS MY OPINION that the more upwardly mobile families, who can afford to leave blue states, may bring some bad habits to the red states. I heard Mark Levin repeat my sentiment.

I believe that because I see Black Lives Matter yard signs all over the lawns of upwardly mobile residents in Minneapolis, that virtue signalling shows me who they are.

Where I live, in a neighborhood of all kinds of people, not considered to be wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, I don’t see even one sign. We are home owners and tax payers.

Contact us from anyplace in the USA to speak to us about getting out of your blue state. Republican, or conservative voters only

Used to be the Spectacle Shop on Hennepin Avenue

We are not a charity. Too many corporations are censoring and de platforming Red Voters.

WE ARE LOCATED Inside the 3rd precinct, and 5th precinct in Minneapolis Minnesota. We must leave. We have set up a donation box, a store selling beautiful American made promotions for people who support @realdonaldtrump .

We are home owners and live in the part of the city hit hardest by the BIG EVENT that lighted the world up – (actually it darkened up the world).

Chicago Avenue changed to “George Floyd Boulevard”, city council is making many changes we don’t like and can’t STAND.

Article here, Driving: Our White Privilege
Bike riders 2 lanes, and one for walking while cars are now single file all over the city.

No Cars Allowed

Our President, is doing everything possible to save the United States from the Communist/Socialist left that is plunging the country into censorship, riots, closed businesses, and much more.

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