This art form I created is called “Rose Petal Staining” . It is a combination of Graphic Design and Fine Art. I use rose petals to create images, then I perfect them in photo shop. I made thank you notes out of them, they are available. I love teaching this new art form.


Art Petal Thank You cards and Gift Enclosures are made from the "blood" of the Rose!

LeNor Barry Art Petals

I have purple fingers, since I discovered a way to make art from roses. I love roses, fresh ones. Who doesn't love roses? I wanted to do something with the rose ink, so I found a way to draw with them. The rose ink is different and fun.These cards are for the giving of gifts, they are tiny cards, all though they look larger than life in the gallery. The cards them selves can be given as gifts! They are sold separately or in packs of 13. The size of a folded card is : 2.75" by 3.75" (envelope included).

The Back Stories of 13 miniature masterpieces. I asked all of the Characters of my band of Art Petals who they are and what was going on when they were forged. All females except for two, and they are magical males, the elf, and the genie.